Across the Bridge

There’s was this line that had been playing through my head for a long time. It goes like, “Love creates a bridge where it may seem impossible. This has always made me reflect about so many things. If we are passionate enough about our dreams and love them, then nothing is impossible.
If we have the capability to forgive , give people second chances , get to really know someone before jumping to conclusions and criticizing them , the world would be a better place.
When we give ourselves a chance to get to know someone who hurts us, it’s a completely distinct feeling.
I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt; but more than the pain is a beautiful feeling of content and liberation and joy. The feeling of loving someone enough to forgive them, even our worst enemy. Through this process, we get to the next part of ourselves the best version we can be proud of.
It’s also time to let go and we can do so with a smile knowing that somewhere out there lies something better . C.S Lewis said “What lies ahead is far far better than anything we left behind”
So leave it all behind today
All the pain , unhappiness and worry because I promise you we all deserve better.image


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