The Dolorous, Raucous Truth of Our Country.

I google rape case and the first article that shows up on google contains the word “India”. So does the second. As I walk down the road, I can’t resist the urge to look over my shoulders once in a while. I can’t resist the urge to second guess everyone that walks behind and ahead of me. I then dolefully think to myself, has this what our country is come to? To feel uncomfortable wearing anything out on the road when people stare, waking up to horrible crimes of rape and brutality every morning in the paper to greet me, not being able to be friendly with a smile and feeling so submerged. Doubting everything around myself. Where is the freedom that was promised to us by our constitution? The equality and safety? The vituperated reality is that the government would rather censor innocent movies like Fast and the Furious 7 and India’s Daughters rather than deal with what is in front of them. I do not mean to condemn my country in any way. Sadly, the vile way that things are going make me feel unsafe. Living a youthful life while feeling violated and unsafe is not the best thing in the world. Is India truly a free country? I’d beg to differ. Is our government taking concrete action about this or are they just spending their time censoring movies and words that are harmless. The government instead threatens BBC about releasing a video containing a harsh reality we must all face. What our country has become. The politicians would rather blame anyone but the rapist.The Wall Street journal posted an article about Modi defending Marital rape. Rape in any form is rape,a brutal horrendous action and i shudder to think about how any one could ever defend it. If the government is doing minimum work about this awful situation, it falls to us to stand up and try to make a change, spread awareness, use our Freedom of Speech right. The youth will only keep quite for so long. To feel violated in our own home, is perhaps one of the worst ways to live.tumblr_muq2ihlX0o1sp76hoo1_500


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