Thinking What else Can go Wrong.

imageShe was left to nurse her broken heart again.
But this time, this time was different. She knew the consequence of each action and what certain risks could lead to, and the realisation dawned upon her that life was to short to be unhappy.
She needed to love the ones who treated her right and forget the ones who didn’t. She needed to realise that it was she who gained more than him. He just lost someone who’d accept him and love his flaws.
She lost a future filled with doubt and uncertainty and perhaps a little joy.
She was just 17.
There was much more to see, to experience, to feel and to get to the next place, she had to go through this. But she’d make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. She’d never give anyone that kind of power over her again.
In that moment, she knew that she was made for greater things.



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