Incredible India

The music pumped beneath my feet,
Arrays of colours bouncing in beat with the music, lights playing on the ceilings and people lost in a trance with a smile on their face.
I’ve realised that I’ve come to underestimate imagemy culture. Then again, when you’re so used to something, you forget to see the wonderful detail and take things for granted.
India shouldn’t be seen by the way that the government runs it.
When you look beyond that, it’s filled with such diversity in every sector. Be it dance, music, food, clothes, the people. Our cultures and traditions are astounding and have such deep historical roots to them. That unification is one that is simply magnificent to watch at big events such as weddings. We have an idiosyncrasy that sets us apart and makes us one of the diversified most countries.
India is probably also one of the most colourful countries in the world ( mostly due to the deserts.)
To anyone who has made the mistake of looking at India through the faults of the government, I  urge you to look deeper; for I assure you, a sense of resplendence will occur .


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