Embracing You.


Embracing Differences
Who are hypocrites? I’ll point you to the people who talk about how liberal and open minded they are about embracing differences. When a change comes one day, they run away screaming.
Do we really embrace differences? Our history textbooks are filled with human beings trying (but failing) to keep things the way they are. We are evolving. Each day as we take a step, we walk into the future while our steps fall into the past. Tis a wonder to behold. How far have we come today? Let’s take a look at some of the new differences our society is struggling to embrace : feminism, the LGBT community, obesity ( thought I doubt this will ever be embraced), colour blindness and so on.
In a close minded community, people tend to be ashamed about their differences. Instead of wearing this proud mark of uniqueness on their sleeve , they hide it away in a dark closet. How apt does coming out of the closet seem now?
Our society talks about being different and unique yet we force people to follow OUR norms and hide their differences or criticise the people who have the valiance. Flawed, a new novel by Cecelia Ahern highlights this phenomena beautifully. It is about a girl who is perfect, yet one day she screws up and is forced to join a group of people termed as “Flawed” as they do not meet the standard norms.
The Scarlett Letter, another book that rightfully casts a spotlight on this phenomena. Forced to wear the letter A as a mark of punishment, the protagonist is shunned for adultery.
Our literature, music, media and so on is filled with the message that scream, “BE WHO YOU ARE.”
Then why must we confine ourself to small places? I’d urge you to wear your difference on your sleeve and be proud of it but we all know how hard that is. So instead, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Wait for that moment to inspire you. Give yourself this one chance to be who you are, even if it’s in the small space of the four walls of your room.
When you’re inspired, it will come automatically. You will see that you are brave and strong and inspiring in your own way. You are a miracle, your differences, a part of your identity.
Give yourself a chance to scintillate.


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