Chubby Girl

imageChubby girl dresses up and smiles
She thinks she looks stunning, dolled up in her pretty dress.
Chubby girls friend’s tell her that she’s too fat to fit into her dress. Tell her that she can only pull sexy off, if she decreases in width.
Chubby girl is confused. Her reflection tells her that she’s beautiful. But her glowing face soon morphs into a face of confusion. The tectonic plates shift in her mind.
She begins  to picture herself with a smaller body, a smaller body that screams perfection. Her spirit grows smaller and smaller.
Smaller, thinner, not fat, beautiful, ideal, size zero, perfect.
Chubby girl looks down, at the floor. She cannot even remember why this dress made her feel special. Why this dress made her eyes sparkle and made her feel alluring.
“If only I was a little thinner, yes, then I’d look fantastic in this.”
Chubby girl puts the dress away. She looks at the clothes of her wardrobe and feels distaste. These clothes are for people like me, she thinks. Chubby people.
Chubby girl fights the choking feeling in her throat, puts on a brave smile and walks out the door.
Her friends greet her and ask about her “pretty” dress that she had on. Chubby girl tells them; “I’ll wear it in a few months.” In a few months when I’m closer to being normal. Thin. Ideal. Perfect.
Chubby girl is then saved by a beautiful voice in her head saying, “Yes you are fat but you are so much more than that. You are beauty and perfection in a different form. People will not always understand you. This is where you get to be more mature than them and remind yourself that not everyone, can understand what it’s like to appreciate a stunning piece of art, like yourself.”
Chubby girl is then at home again with herself.


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