I think the worst part is scrolling through old messages. And memories and feelings. The worst part is having to deal with knowing a person so well and being strangers at the same time. When I scroll through our messages, I can almost lose myself in that time. Remember our inside jokes? Well I do.
When we were both consumed by something common, I dare say each other. I can lose myself in the time when you wanted to talk to me and wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to make me happy.
It’s funny how I always though that you understood my passion. I assumed that we’d motivate each other and make it.
But you left me behind. You left me and walked ahead without even looking back to see how I felt. Well I felt pain surging through me in case you were wondering. But I know you aren’t. Because you didn’t Look Back.
I barely recognise the person you are now. The person who isn’t even a little warm towards me.
So I walk around everyday replaying out old conversations in my head. Do you remember the ones that would go on for hours? Getting your attention in the first place is quite a task. I do understand that you’re busy. But I really hope that you do not brush aside our good memories.
I’m at girl who always hoped that you would look back and see my smile disappear. And understand, that in that moment, I felt a sense of loss. Understand that you left me confused, wanting more and disoriented.
But if that’s too much to wish for, at least walk with me once in awhile.
– 19th Aug 2015image


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