You told me that you once saw a tornado. That the tornado in all its chaos amazed you because it was glorious. Even when it wrecked havoc, it was something to be admired. Something people would never forget even if they tried to.
It’s funny how I feel the same way about you. You wreck havoc but take my breath away. You are something to be admired from afar, yet I am drawn to you.
You are wonder and amazement my dear. A tornado caught up in the middle of a mediocre word. But I see you, really see you. How you change your intensity. How after you pass through; just like a tornado, you wreck havoc. The kind of havoc poets will romanticise about. The kind of havoc that leaves me wanting you to strike again. The air gets colder and I see people taking shelter as they scream at me to do the same. They don’t see your magnificance, feel your fierce energy that makes the blood in my body gush, that makes my heart beat faster.

After you pass through, I’ll thank the weather and ready myself for you to come by again. Farewell for now, my beautiful tornado.


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